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With E-Canteen Solution you can view & track different menu items, it includes payments & prevents accounting errors

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E-Canteen is an automated canteen management management software that takes the administrative burden away from the ordering, cash collection & handling and billing processes. It is intuitively designed for mid-large organizations to replace manual canteen handling and essential for preventing long queues by speedy and easy transactions. With the user-friendly interface of e-Canteen you can view & track different menu items, it includes payments & prevents accounting errors. Integrated with Biometric/RFID devices e-Canteen gives a hassle free and transparent canteen management solution that improves productivity, quality of service and reduces the wastage of food.

Canteen Management Solution in Pakistan

You need a stress-free solution that is accurate, fully baked and very secure

Prevents Misuse of Canteen Facility

The software authenticates the identities of the employees by verifying their details. An order is placed only after the confirmation of an employee’s unique identity. Employees hence are restricted from placing multiple orders, for companies that like to set a daily limit for canteen use

Easy Maintenance of Records

Canteen management system maintain employee records, such as the food preparations ordered by them, transactions made, available balance and so on. Not only does automated record-keeping eliminate the need to maintain records manually, it also wipes out manual maintenance costs

Quick Generation of Reports

Canteen management systems generate several reports, such as employee consumption report, item wise consumption report, sales report, etc. The time frame of choice, such as a week, month, or year can be selected for each of these reports.


These systems can be employed by both kinds of organisations – those that allow à la carte ordering in their canteens, and those that only provide a fixed menu. À la carte means that people can choose items of their choice from a menu in which items are priced differently.

Working Flow

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Meal types (Items), categories, allowances, groups, prices & meal deduction percentage can be added and edited

Meal transactions can be made for a specific employee with subsidized prices & no. of guest(s) if any

Meal transactions can be uploaded through the Excel template

Visitors’ meal transactions can be made with the particulars of visitor, extra remarks, and file upload feature

Upload visitors’ meal transactions through the Excel template

Meal subsidy setup can be defined & uploaded through the Excel template

Purchase transactions can be made & uploaded through the Excel template

Integrated biometric kiosk for token generation

Comprehensive Canteen Management reports are all time available: Meal transaction summaries & details with/without discount, remarks, visitors meal transactions, meal counts, etc

Real-time analytics can be accessed

Purchase and return details, summaries, purchase and return amount summaries, purchase count details etc

canteen management

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