Student Verificaiton Management Software

Verify Students and maintain records with our most updated student verication management software

Student Verification Management Software

University students around the world find geographical and organizational difficulties in verifying their records and academic documents in various traditional ways; namely by mail, e-mail or in person. Such a procedure is hectic and time-consuming. If they contain incorrect or fraudulent information. Hence, the need to standardize these services in a unified portal was made by designing and developing an electronic system to verify documents for students and student graduates. The proposed e-verification portal of this study enhances the smart university with saving time and effort

Student Verification Management Software in Pakistan

Manage large data with our most easy access student verification management software

Simplifying & Streamlining

In most of the cases, a student tracking system comes equipped with dashboards, which makes it easier for you to track what work has already been done and by whom, and what work needs to be done and by whom

Easy Access to All

Apart from students and members of the management these systems can also be accessed by people such as teachers and parents. In fact, all the members of staff in your school can access these systems as well with easy controls

Managing Timetables

with the help of a student management system you are in a much better position when it comes to operational aspects of your existence as an educational institution. One of them is managing the timetables for your school

Complete Tracking of the Students

One of the major benefits of these systems is that you are able to track each and everything being done by your students. This includes performance in areas such as sports and other extracurricular activities.

Working Flow

leave management


Time saving.

Reducing errors.

Saving student’s current and previous record

Easy to access with simple controls

Maintain large amount of data

student verification management system

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