Payment & Fees Management

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Payment & Fees Management Software

The payment and fees management system is a computer-based match system developed to determine if a recipient has received or may receive Social Security benefits. Each month, the PVS compares recipient’s Names, Birthdates, and SSNs from MEDS/CDB with computer files at EDD and SSA. PVS reports are produced from this computer

Payment & Fee Management Software in Pakistan

Manage your incomes and outgoings with easy access payment and fee management software


Feel the difference of implementing automated software into your system in few easy steps. It makes the users feel comfortable with user-friendly and easy handling of fee processing in a paperless environment.

Account Management

Create student profiles with demographic information, contact details and parent information. Track and post fees for admission, hostel, library, and other activities in student accounts.


Fee automation system is highly secure with easy account management and role-based access control in a multi-user environment

Customizable & Flexible

Fee management software allows you to customize fee structure based on your unique needs with the ability to set discounts, add or edit fees, and collect penalties with ease

Working Flow

leave management


Make a narrative entry explaining why the information is questionable.

Notify the recipient in writing of the questionable information using form

The recipient’s benefits are to be continued pending verification

If a second PVS report is received, it will be held pending return of the verification

Information received from EDD or SSA will then be used in the eligibility/benefit determination

Check the person’s information to ensure that the report is for the recipient.

payment & fees management system

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