NADRA Biometric Management

biometric estimations are taken from the fingers to confirm an individual person

Confirmations With NADRA Biometric Management Solution

Biometric estimations are taken from the fingers to confirm an individual person. NADRA Biometric Management Solution has facilitated banks, versatile administrators, and different organizations with the facility of biometric confirmation. It is additionally expected that as a further advance step into data authenticity, ATM cards processing will likewise have the biometric facility.

NADRA Biometric Management in Pakistan

You need a stress-free Biometric Management software that is accurate, fully baked and very secure

Accurate Identification and Accountability

Biometric systems provide more accurate identification, lowering your risk of unwanted breaches. With this type of security system, access is granted not by passwords or smart cards but by biological characteristics like iris scans or fingerprints which are difficult to duplicate or forge


ncorporating biometrics into your commercial security will save you time and money. Biometric security systems are designed with ease of use in mind and give you accurate results with minimal effort.

Convenient and Versatile

Biometric security systems are very convenient for both those using it and those managing it. For employees and other personnel, it’s considerably easier to use biometric identification rather than remembering passwords or keeping a badge or identification card on their person at all times.


As your business develops and grows, it’s important to have systems in place that can scale with the growth of your business. Biometric security systems are flexible and easily scalable. Whether you want to secure more areas of your facility or just add more data for additional employees, biometric security systems will grow alongside your business for ease and security.

Working Flow

leave management


Secure Verification Service for 3rd Party Service Providers

Integration with Telco’s, Banks, E-Sahulat, Security Companies, etc

Real-time Fingerprint Verification

nadra biometric management system

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